One of them seems to be able to smash all the gods in suppression of the heavens, and the other one appears to smash all the divine power, and the golden light dissipates to officially seal the gods’ list and beat the whip!

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The combination of the two is so vast that it seems to run through all the dimensions of the four poles through the ages.
"Ha ha ha ….."
Lang Lang laughed around the whole Noel and couldn’t help echoing "Heaven and earth are in order, so its name is God!"
"God should be born by adhering to the will of heaven and earth, commanding the orderly operation of heaven and earth, guiding the reproduction and development of thousands of races, and adhering to the will of heaven!"
"Today, the name of my wheel is based on the sacred list and the orthodox whip, so that all the names of the sacred list are false gods, evil gods, fiends and gods who supervise the punishment can be beaten by outsiders!"
"There is a way between heaven and earth!"
Yuan Heng is magnificent and irrefutable. It is shocking to argue that the number of heaven and earth is overwhelming. Open your eyes and cross the barrier for the first time and clearly look at those two high artifacts that symbolize the only orthodox position of heaven and earth today.
Yuan Heng and other figures?
This is a congenital Shinto master. How can it be that Shinto is accused of so-called heresy in this world?
At this time, whether it is the sages or the gods, it is completely understood that the greatest secret of the great god whip in the list of gods is Nola Shinto.
At this time, the deity list, which fell at the source of Norrah’s bad luck, and the whip of God had already drawn all the strength to supplement and perfect the gods’ position and perfectly fit with the Norrah River. In the era of destiny and true sages, the master-the wheel sage pushed all the trends into the palm!
"All the gods handle Shinto fate come back …"
Need to worry about sealing the list of gods. suppression of the heavens’s divine power runs through the past tense, bullying than swearing his position
All over the sky, the handles of the gods were forcibly deprived and fled into the void, and they fell into the list of gods.
Even if some powerful God kings forcibly resist and want to intercept and destroy all divine power, they will kill all the rebels one by one.
It looks so vulnerable in front of the whip when the power is at its peak!
Crying sounds from heaven and earth. Despair passes through the eyes of the gods. They feel that their original sense of harmony between heaven and earth is cut off, and their great fate is suddenly extracted …
The gods sitting in the clouds have been knocked down from the altar!
"Ha ha ha ….."
Laughter keeps coming out from every corner of the world. Laughter contains more happiness than schadenfreude.
Zhen Yong, Bai Liu and other sages stopped pedaling at this time, and a series of brilliant roads ran through the sky. The skylight in Noella was solid and opaque, which shows that the seven people are still only at the lowest level of sages-Fa.
The sage’s light path can definitely confirm their realm, and the sages of Nola will call it the strange road.
Light condensation represents the law
The smooth road is firm and transparent, and leisure rules are followed.
In the end, the light road becomes a real "Tao" road, and it reaches the apex of the sage-Tao.
Stepping on the strange road can be sealed-holy!
"No matter how many killers you have, you can lose everything-lose!"
Zhen Yongxian smiled and looked at the black flames burning all over the sky. "You are no longer qualified to fight after being knocked down!"
Now the gods are honored!
Because the Norra Shinto formulated by Yuanheng is almost based on the sage body, or the sage avenue is too similar to Yuanheng’s innate Shinto concept!
"Now our sages are true gods!"
Bailiuxian sneered at the gods in the wailing, "while you are false gods, evil gods and fiends!"
However, with a list of gods, the situation in Nora changed in a flash.
It turns out that although the gods are collapsed gods, they can have a divine body, a divine control, and a god handle to unite their minds. In any case, they are real gods!
While the camp of sages such as Zhenyong has a vast fortune, which has brought together a number of cultural legacies from ancient times and reached an unprecedented peak, but …
No matter how to say that the noble king camp is a mortal camp, what they do is really retrograde and cutting the Tao is killing God!
The theory of retrograde cutting is always difficult for reasons such as disaster and doom.
But now …
The sage is the true god, and the collapsed god is the false god!
True God and false God naturally have the means to cross the gap …