"Although I don’t know how I got in, I know that there are arrays everywhere, and there is no way out, and these zombies and monsters are staring all the time, just trying to sit down and restore their spiritual strength. When we are dying, what is there to argue with you?"

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Yang Xiu couldn’t think that he would say such emotional words, so he couldn’t help thinking about taunting him, but somehow he was not interested. He frowned, "Since you can come in, there must be a way out, but there are these zombies and swarms, but there is no way to find them carefully everywhere."
Brother Magic Road seems to give him a look. "Didn’t you just plan to go out with the soil evasion technique? Now you’re not staying here. If you want to go out, you have to find a way to fight the array."
"Play array method!" Yang Xiu can’t help but think of Jiman when she hears the law. She is also quite proficient in law. I don’t know if she can fight if she is let out.
Friar Magic Road obviously noticed that Yang Xiu’s strange look and movement made him think of something. "Isn’t that Ji Daoyou who was with you in water curtain cave at that time proficient in law? Although she has the foundation for early repair, it may not be too advanced, but she can try it, but it’s a pity that she is not here."
"Yeah, it’s a pity." It’s not out of danger yet, and Brother Magic is obviously not well-intentioned. Yang Xiu is in no hurry to let Jiman out.
After two people didn’t quarrel again atmosphere to detain eased a lot.
The white wizard of Bald Mountain suddenly stopped ringing the bell and opened his eyes. He asked Han Dawu, who had already checked the situation, "What happened outside?"
Han Dawu hesitated. "He is a monk, but he is directing a powerful corpse servant to dig something forward."
Bai Zhi was surprised to hear my heart jump and asked urgently, "isn’t refining resin servant a strong point of’ extravagant corpse temple’? Have our actions been perceived by other temples? He is specialized in shaking mountains to shake the law of Wu tomb and intends to go in from the outside? What happened to the last person? Have you solved it? "
"Although he was badly wounded, he finally let her run away." Han Dawu’s face was a little red, but because his face was as black as charcoal, the others didn’t show this little abnormality.
He went on to say to Baizhi Dawu, "But I don’t think he’s like us witches. The magic weapon also comes from those who fix the truth, and his cultivation is not high. There should be a period of Dan by the fix the truth, and he seems to have just experienced a big war. When I went out, his physical and mental strength was almost exhausted. If he hadn’t made a strange blood escape at the end, he would have been caught by me."
It seems that Han Dawu is still a little bitter about a monk who escaped from him in the Dan period.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Wu tomb boss
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Hear Han Dawu said that the man was passing by Bai Zhi immediately relieved a lot but still cautious way
"This time, it is also taking advantage of the Delong Sword Sect that we can strengthen the temple to come out without telling other temples. If people in other temples are hard to get a piece of the action, although that person is likely to pass by here, we can’t be careless about Han Dawu. You will work hard and not enter the witch tomb. Hide nearby. If existing abnormal people come in, give us a message."
Although Bai Zhi is with him, Han Dawu is in charge of fighting, and Bai Zhi is responsible for offering sacrifices to the Dawu, which is higher than his status. Therefore, at this moment, Han Dawu did not show any dissatisfaction when he heard Bai Zhi’s command and said
"Don’t worry, I know what to do, and you should be careful. Although the map records the situation clearly, there will be no other accidents."
"Then we will go."
Bai Zhi immediately took out a statue of lux three-legged giant with unknown runes carved on it, and each tripod was inlaid with a fist-sized flaming pearl.
Bai Zhi first flew into the tripod and then waved to the other wizards, who were immediately taken into the giant tripod by Bai Zhi without resistance.
Bai Zhi immediately Xiang Ding took a three-legged giant tripod horse out of a burst of time and suddenly flew.
He waved to Han Dawu, and the tripod flew into the abyss and disappeared into the blazing fire in a flash.
Han Dawu looked at Bai Zhi and they disappeared into the abyss. The original calm face was gloomy in vain, and he secretly cursed the shame of Bai Zhi.
Later, he planned to touch a few treasures in secret after entering the Wu tomb. According to the ancient books of this Wu tomb, this Wu tomb is very vast. Presumably, the treasures hidden in it are not all. If he can still get the elixir, his strength is a qualitative leap, and maybe he can be promoted to Tianwu.
But now I am frustrated by Bai Zhi’s words.
However, it is not good for him to object. After all, Bai Zhi has good reasons. If he objects, it will make Bai Zhi feel suspicious, and the potential is lower than that of others. As a result, he still can’t change anything, so he might as well say yes happily.
But fortunately, this time I came out, I didn’t get nothing.
With a wave of his hand, Han Dawu suddenly revealed a figure as smooth and white as jade, with a dreamy face, slim waist and buttocks, but it was the corpse servant named Brother Tu.
If it weren’t for him, he might have got this corpse servant. Brother Tu’s body would have been completely cold by now, and he would have escaped from the exhibition by blood escape.
Han Dawu then looked at the corpse servant’s eyes and flashed a trace of intoxication, muttering, "Will you be glad to finally find a perfect body after such a year?"
The white wizard flew into the abyss of fire in the tripod, and the three red pearls embedded in the tripod immediately came out of a mask and immediately blocked the flames from rushing outside.
Bai Zhi and others looked at the fire close at hand in the tripod but didn’t feel a little hot.
"I didn’t expect this fireball to be so magical that we were treading on the ground in it, but I heard that fireball can avoid all the flames, but I don’t know if it’s true? Bai Zhi wizard "a crisp sound is the wizard called dark black asked Bai Zhi.
Although the white wizard looks rough and crazy, he reveals a peaceful atmosphere. It seems that there are some spoils for that man called dark black.
"These are refined from the monster Dan, which has a general fire property of five or six levels, and it is almost the same as the low-fire toad. It may be good for the fairy wild big six, but it is far from enough to stop the skyfire."
Seeing Bai Zhiwu didn’t show any impatience. dark black asked again, "The next time I fought with the temple of Zhu Rong, I thought if I took a fireball behind me, wouldn’t it be a sure win if I fought with the temple of Zhu Rong again? Do you think this method will work?"
Bai Zhi couldn’t help laughing and saying "Ha ha". "Regardless of the fact that fire-dodging beads are rare, it’s not that monster beasts with fire properties can be formed, but they are also divided into high, medium and low grades. As we can now be regarded as low-grade fire-dodging beads, it’s not omnipotent. Besides, most people in the temple of Zhu Rong have magical powers that can burn rivers and cook the sea, and you can also play a wonderful role in dealing with ordinary witches. If you meet those who will have a sinister fire, a real fire, a thunderous fire of the highest day, and a fire of nine
Just as everyone is talking, the tripod has reached the bottom of the abyss.
I saw a huge hole in front of everyone. The hole was 17 feet high. From time to time, a pale flame came out of it to disperse the surrounding flames, and the vicinity was distorted because of its high temperature.
"Be careful, everyone. This is that the toad from the fire is not worse than those monks from the deification period." Bai Zhi said cautiously
Say that finish controls the tripod to fly into the mouth of the cave and try to avoid the white flame contact from the fire, but they still feel that the tripod to avoid the fire bead is shaking a little, which makes Bai Zhi’s heart have some seven.
But fortunately, the passage is not long, and there are ten zhangs. Everyone is worried that things are not born.
After walking through the passage, everyone felt that a fiery red world appeared in front of them.
The area here is hundreds of feet, and there is a magma lake that accounts for more than half of the area. The fiery red slurry keeps rolling out big bubbles in bath buckets and then "bang" bursts.
At the lava lake, a glittering and flaming monster was lying on the ground facing the hole, snoring soundly, and at the same time, a white flame floated from the nostrils to the hole. It turned out that the white flame that Bai Zhi and others met at the hole was produced like this.