Laughter formed a wave that swept through nine days and ten places, and the terrorist will seemed to be trying to replace Nora’s original will of heaven and earth. It wanted to …

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The will to destroy the world by natural disasters will replace the order of heaven and earth, and the will to balance will replace the will of heaven and earth!
"This sound … seems to have a taste of heaven and earth!"
Nora is now fortunate that many creatures are weak, and they are painfully shocked by this sounds of heaven and earth. The sage level is full of shock.
For those who know the world every day and really explore the source of heaven and earth, this smell is too familiar to them!
"Wang! !”
The Falun Dafa circle is like the Noella tree of wisdom, and the seven sages are looking to explore the seven vast sages of Taize King, and they are almost unbearable!
Sages are born as pillars of the world, and therefore vigorously suppress the world for several years. At this time, the dragon movement to destroy the world is almost challenging the roots of sages …
Facing the eyes of seven people, King Taize shook his head, while trying to communicate in front of him, while looking at the virtual world. At this time, in his eyes, heaven and earth are dim and pale, and a ferocious terror crosses the boundary between heaven and earth and swallows the dragon, which is swallowing and tearing pieces of debris, and this is the source of the world …
Everything in heaven and earth looks so dim in front of this world-swallowing and world-destroying dragon, and all creatures are like ants.
King Taize did not look at the extinct dragon, but turned his attention to another corner, which was smaller than ordinary.
Red is more than pure red!
It’s plain and even seems to bring a little symbol of purity and beauty.
At this time, King Taize turned over a secret before reincarnation in his mind, which was the perfect plan of the kings deduced in the original round. Looking at this secret and comparing it with the evolution of the external catastrophe, it seems that the whole world has transformed the chessboard in the palm of his hand. The curve of dimensional destiny is a vertical and horizontal grid, and the chess path is layered on top of each other, and every instruction is like a dry Kun upside down, and the sky of Nora moves with it …
"Not bad at all!"
At this time, even King Taize can’t help but take a deep breath.
Only when Hades and King Kao of Dreams have seen it can we see a familiar smell. The chessboard of heaven and earth refined by Yuan Heng seems to have the same effect. At the beginning, this sage was almost at the palm of his hand to wipe out the great powers outside the world and put on a good play!
"It turned out to be like this!"
Leisure Lin looked at the virtual Taize king with horror. He turned his attention to the fierce fluctuation of Yin and Yang in the eyes of the dragon that dominated the world. With the development of the situation, all the fog gradually dispersed, and a complicated and obscure chess game slowly formed into a noble king. The puzzle seems to be revealed at this time …
A long time ago, the sages of the front wheel refined the list of deities to unveil the big robbery. His kings wanted to subvert and suppress everything and establish a new order with the help of the overwhelming trend of deities, and the list of deities made great efforts to moisten the potential and achieve the formation of high sacred objects in the whole world. It turns out that the success rate of this plan is almost 90% with the help of Wang Li, but the fact is that he still underestimated the kings!
Or he underestimated the ambitions of the kings!
Reorganizing the world is just saving the world, and then trying to make up for the loss of the world by running out of time. After the catastrophe, Nora slowly chased after other powerful worlds.
Well, this idea has never appeared in Yuan Heng’s mind. Doesn’t it seem that Yuan Heng is too capable?
Leisure Lin, who has seen and experienced countless things, seems to be a sacred list, even though there are few such handwriting in the heavens and the earth, it is almost like a tyrant to have such a powerful instrument in the world.
Later, the Great Sage Shu Lin was qualified to participate in some core secrets of the noble king. He found that the noble king had several core plans to deal with the catastrophe, or cards and killer cards, which almost shocked him, but in the end he was puzzled by a strange phenomenon-first-class strategic weapons.
Leisure Lin found that every kind of first-class strategic weapon can devour the area they destroyed after each use, and then transform some kinds of energy, such as the first-class strategic weapon, the material annihilation gun, which is an artificial black hole. Every time a shell is fired, he can get a kind of seed. With a little calculation, he knows that this kind of seed can grow different fruits according to the environment. For example, if you plant the stars in the stars, you can get the veins and yin springs in the underground world.
All this made Xiao Lin feel puzzled, but with the change of the catastrophe, he slowly realized that the kings were trying to shape the core three realms of heaven, earth and man in the mainland of Norra!
"Really good chess!"
Zeng Jinlin said this in his heart. After all, this is indeed a very stable and perfect world body. It is shocking to be crowned with gods. If you can succeed, Nora’s future is limitless!
Don’t look at it. It seems that it’s just a simple plan to seal the gods and the three realms plan, but what is involved in it reveals mystery enough to make 99% of the world blow its head!
Looking at Yi Ke Yi, whether it’s deity or Three Realms, not everyone can have fun …
But now, with horror, I found that what I had seen before was only a little skin-deep.
"Dead meat!"
I’m afraid this guy’s every move, every decision and every idea has been figured out by those guys like a puppet being manipulated in the palm of his hand.
With the swallowing of the sky, a dragon-like body seems to be projected out, hanging over the whole world, and the magic spirit continues to grow inexplicably, and then …
In some sense, the dragon body is slowly solidified under the control of the joint projection!
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, Wu Leviathan has now truly reached the realm of immortality. The whole world will be transformed into a dragon’s body, and everything in the world will be transformed into food. Everything in the world can no longer pose a threat to me!"
Leviathan’s ambition at this time is to be able to swallow all the sources of heaven and earth, and then he can directly prove that heaven and earth are together from now on. Even at this time, unless he destroys the whole world of Nora with one blow, he will never be completely destroyed!
In other words, the sword that specifically restrained him from slaying the dragon and snake can no longer restrain him.
King Taize silently communicated with Pifu Luoshu and was indifferent to this.
The king of the earth, the king of heaven, still did not see the dream flower king and the king of Luofu move.
Hades seems to be immersed in the dream of Avery’s flowers and flowers …
Leviathan created the magic dragon Tao that heaven, earth and man destroyed the world. After a short period of lost in the illusion that the creator was incapable, he quickly regained consciousness. "What do the kings want to do? And … where’s that bastard? "
The thoughts in my heart turned to wisdom, and the spark suddenly burned, almost bringing heaven and earth into the palm of my hand to seize the highest limit. Leviathan instantly put the whole information of heaven and earth into my heart, trying to see all the fog and confusion, but he didn’t notice …
Crossing the world is like occupying the whole world. The vast projection of the dragon body is solidifying at a speed visible to the naked eye with the overwhelming force of extinction.
"What a little guy to be reckoned with to wake up so soon …"
Yuanheng woke up at this moment and embraced the huge body of the world ball. At this moment, it broke like a crystal and instantly became a silver gas full of all the meanings. "Hehe, form my world … I seal the world!"
This is Yuan Heng’s ultimate plan-to transform the real world into the palm of his hand and print the evolution of the world, and to supplement his own printing foundation.
Ps: Well, I want to end this chapter, so I can’t boast any more. To end the sweat in which chapter, I have to admit that there is no such thing …
Chapter two hundred and seventy Make the finishing point and turn the fruit into the world.
In this silver gas, the world ball is just like being stimulated. The two roads are appeased to be clear and turbid. Suddenly, the silver gas pulls the whole world ball around!
In the palm of your hand, you hold Nola Yuanheng’s own seal. At this time, Yuan Heng is familiar with all the poor laws and rules of Nola. The origin, birth, evolution, development, decline and decay of heaven and earth … Everything is in Yuan Heng’s heart and then moves the silver gas-the Taoist gas bred by Yuan Heng evolves into the seal of the world that is about to form in the palm …
Nora, the world is still going on …
Four claws and nine toes forming
Billion Long Lin Shaping
Top double angle forming