Shi Lan’s face was white and shaking. "Madam, I … we really want to …"

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"We are Min brothers and women are his wives and concubines. We can’t be defiled by others." Dong Qiaoqiao glanced at Cui Ying and Shi Lan with cold eyes and said, "I can help you if you don’t have the courage to commit suicide."
"This … don’t have to, madam."
Dong Qiaoqiao’s eyes are really chilling at this time. Shi Lan can guarantee that Dong Qiaoqiao will never mind giving her a hand if she dare not commit suicide.
This is the difference between Chinese women and Hu women. Chinese women are more submissive and obedient, but their personality is more virtuous. The Han family’s ethics are strict. Dong Qiaoqiao has been nurtured in this environment since childhood and naturally will not be willing to give in before losing his virginity.
And Hu Nv?
Hu women are more unruly, like wild horses in the grassland, while grassland tribes often kill adult men and keep women and young children and children, just like fighting for profit. In fact, everyone is almost not virtuous
"Come" Shi Lan vaguely heard the sound outside the door and his breathing was delayed.
Daughters and poked around to listen to the sound, which can be clearly distinguished from the distance, besides the messy footsteps, there is also the sound of walking armor hitting.
As soon as the women’s hearts sink to the bottom,
Yes, everyone in her family wears armor instead of armor. They are all short coats or warriors-they are not soldiers in the army.
So Ma Liu, they have been killed, and now the rebels have come.
Sure enough, Dong Qiaoqiao looked up and saw a rustling sound, and there were staggered figures shaking outside.
Finally, a tall and familiar figure pushed the door at the gate
Shi Lan, who was hiding by the door, immediately set up his ju in his hand when he heard this movement. At the moment when the door was opened, Shi Lan took up his knife and fell it and cut it straight at the man’s head.
"Poof" a flips the man directly hold Shi Lan wrist pinch the latter was painful.
"Let me go! ….. "Shi Lan shouted like a furious lioness struggling hard.
"It’s me," said Shi Min, putting Shi Lan’s wrist in distress situation.
"Husband … husband?"
At the sight of Shi Min’s face, Shi Lan couldn’t stand "wow" and burst into tears. He jumped into Shi Min’s arms and cried a tearful pear flower with rain.
"Be good and don’t cry. You are not afraid of anything with me."
At this moment, Qin Mu came running in a hurry.
"What is the situation in Qin Mu?"
"The rebels have been killed and retreated here."
Shi Min nodded slightly. Fortunately, he was ready. After hearing that his Weiwei mansion was besieged by rebels, Shi Min expected that the rebel forces would not be too few, so he ordered Qin Mu to dispatch a military force of ten thousand people to directly annihilate the rebels outside the mansion.
Chapter 116, too close
After comforting his wife and children, Shi Min called Qin Mu and Cui Hao to the room for discussion.
Shi Min said, "Yecheng is not a place to stay for a long time. Now the rebel Shi Xuan has occupied the wind. Of course, our army may be defeated in World War I, but its morale is won by war, but the final result is bound to be a disastrous victory! So I want to choose a temporary capital to persuade Shi Hu to move, but I don’t know which place is better? "
Smell speech Cui Hao smoothed her slightly white Hu, a moment and said, "Master, what you did is extremely good for Shi Hu Shi Xuanfu. It is a good thing and a great opportunity for us! If the master leads the army to counter-insurgency in Shi Hu, it may be a little raised, but if he advises Shi Hu to move the capital, it will minimize the prestige of Shi Hu and weaken the national power of Jie Zhao. "
"Master, if you want to move the capital to Xiangguo, Xiangguo is the first choice. Xiangguo is the second largest area where Jieguo people live except Yecheng, where Shi Hu and its followers can better dispatch troops and take the opportunity to recapture Yecheng and calm down the Shi Xuanluan!"
"What do you think of Qin Mu?"
"Ha ha, this master had an idea, didn’t he? Master doesn’t know that you want Shi Xuan’s rebellion to be so chaotic? "
"The bigger the nature is, the better, so we can fish in troubled waters." Shi Minsu said, "I will tie up my army early in the morning to defeat the Maqiu rebels and then March into Jianzhang Palace. I don’t mind adding another firewood to make the rebels burn more violently."
Cui Hao
"Belonging to"
"Yecheng can’t stay long. I want you to decorate a thousand dark guards in the city first until Julian Waghann kills Yecheng in the future."
"There will be a deaf mute disguised as a refugee to protect his wife and their northern countries! Our assets can be temporarily buried in the cellar. Remember that the fewer people you know, the better. "
"I know."
Cui Hao naturally knows what to do. Shi Min’s wealth has so many moving hands, but what if the fewer people know the location of the treasure?
There are dead people in this world who can’t talk!
Fighting outside Jianzhang Palace has been going on for a whole night, and I don’t know how many bodies have piled up outside. Shi Hu stayed in Changqing Temple and was on pins and needles, so he couldn’t sleep.
The next morning, his eyes were bloodshot, and Shi Hu called all the generals.
"Shi Min? Haven’t Shi Min’s soldiers and horses broken through the enemy’s blockade and killed Jianzhang Palace? "
"Haven’t seen any news yet" Shi Bin sighed. "My father has done his best to send his hopes to Shi Min now! The rebels besieged me day and night, and the Jianzhang Palace never stopped its offensive. Our defensive soldiers were also killed and injured, and they were exhausted. There were hundreds of thousands of rebels outside, and the enemy was so consumed that they were afraid that the rebels would have to break in sooner or later! "
"That you say what should I do? Surrender to the rebels? " Shi Hu face a heavy look extremely unhappy, humbled tunnel
"Nature is not my father. Now the rebels are trapped in Jianzhang Palace. Even if Shi Min reinforcements arrive, they will be afraid to save the day! I am not alarmist, please ask my father for advice! Its trapped Jianzhang Palace might as well take advantage of morale to kill it out. "
"Then what?" Shi Hu black face way
"Then …" Shi Bin bowed his head and dared not speak again.
Shi Hu snorted. "Do you know the consequences? Shi Binguo’s armies are not very popular. When I was in full swing, they were able to dormant and dared not show any disrespect. But wouldn’t it be discredited if I fled like this? You put my face on the ground like this, and you put my big country, Zhao Guowei, on the ground? "
"Father, if you stay green, you are not afraid of burning firewood!"