Hope Xingyi division to vent public anger;

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Support Wang smothering and save Li Min.
A campaign to Japan can be pursued quickly!
Soon an essay written by Shi Min asking for a thief was posted in the streets and alleys of various cities and towns in the state of Zhao and many heavily armed generals in the country through notices.
Pu Hong, the general of Long Xiang, has received an imperial edict from Xiang Guo, the great Zhao Tian Wang Shihu. Pu Hong immediately called his two sons, Pu Xiong and Pu Jian, to discuss with him about the diligent king.
After reading this article, Pu Jian, who has always been resourceful, couldn’t help laughing. "This article was written by Shi Min, the duke of Changshan County. I didn’t expect that our great Zhao God of War was not only better than ordinary people, but even this literary talent was a rare match in the world!"
Hearing this, Pu Hong nodded slightly and said, "Shi Min’s talent is really great, but the athlete’s father didn’t ask you to praise Shi Min’s talent. Now Shi Min has fled to Xiangguo with the protection of the king, and the king’s speech and imperial edict have arrived. Do you think the father should act on orders and send troops to crusade against Shi Xuan?"
Pu Jian replied, "Father and child think we should send troops to crusade against Shi Xuan rebels!"
"tell me your opinion"
"Father, the story of the struggle between the snipe and the clam has been found by everyone, but it is not so simple to profit from it. Shi Hu and Shi Xuan are not idiots, and there are probably many people with foresight! Now that the king and Shi Xuan’s imperial edict have arrived, father, is this a dilemma? In fact, this is not necessary. "
Pu Jian Kan Kan talked about the tunnel: "If according to our original plan, Shi Hu defeated and escaped, and Shi Xuan gained momentum, we can help the weak side to fight for a vassal like Cao Mengde in those days, but the plan can’t be changed!"
"Shi Xuan conspired against the enemy and successfully attacked Yecheng’s reign as the emperor’ King Zhao’ and Shi Hu didn’t die in the protection of Shi Min and others and fled to the court of Yecheng in Xiangxiang, so that the whole state of Zhao has two kings! As the saying goes, one mountain is not two tigers. Can two days be the same? "
"The yecheng court duct court there will be a life and death war! This war will determine who is the master of Zhao in the future and Zhao will go from it! "
Pu Hong nodded. "Who do you think will win more now, Shi Hu or Shi Xuan?"
"Nature is the first imperial court in Shi Hu."
"Are you so sure?" Puhong was puzzled. "You know, there are hundreds of thousands of people in Shi Xuanhui. According to my exact information, Yanzhou, Yuzhou, Xuzhou and some counties in Sizhou have changed their flags and admitted that Yecheng court and Shi Xuan, the great king of Zhao, have something to achieve. Now all the counties in the south of the Central Plains have turned to Shi Xuan."
"Father’s large strength and large territory does not mean that he must be strong." Pu Jian shook his head otherwise. "Shi Xuan’s strength is superficial! Shi Hu has gained a lot of prestige for a long time, and the counties and counties are forced to join Shi Xuan. One day, the imperial court will send troops to the south to crusade against Shi Xuan. It is said that the central plains has been in the south, and the counties and counties are bound to rebel. "
"And my father’s soldiers are expensive but not expensive. Shi Xuan now claims to have a lot of people, but does he really have so many military forces? I’m afraid even the defenders and officials in those places are all forgotten, right? Not to mention that Shi Xuan’s soldiers are rooted in a group of Uzbek soldiers. Many soldiers were forced to join the army and even the armor and the most basic training were not as good as fighting? "
Hearing this, Pu Hong said to himself, "You are right, athlete, but how do you know that Shi Hu will win more?"
"Father, that’s for sure."
Pu Jian replied, "Shi Hu now seems to be at a disadvantage on the surface. In fact, the imperial court of the country has already been in an invincible position! Now Xiang Guo’s army is just over 100,000, which seems to be far less than Yecheng’s imperial army, but they are all war soldiers, well-trained and well-trained war soldiers! Moreover, the people who command this army are still famous Shi Min. "
"This is a little bit. In addition, Shi Hu still has a certain prestige in China. It is well known that Xiang is the place with the largest number of Jie people in the old capital of Zhao. Shi Hu fled to Xiang, and he has a deep foundation in Xiang, where he can get together with Qin Wangshi to recruit soldiers to crusade against Shi Xuan!"
"But …" Pu Hong hesitated again. "Didn’t the athletes send troops to help the weak against the strong according to our original plan? Now that you think Xiangguo court is stronger, why do you persuade your father to help Xiangguo court? "
"The plan won’t change. Father, the imperial court of the country has been in an invincible position. This can be seen from the fact that Shi Min led the army to patrol and beat and chase the rebels with less! Uzbekistan is Uzbekistan after all, even if we help the weak Yecheng court, we are afraid that it will reverse the situation! It won’t get anything by sitting on the mountain and watching the tiger fight. In the end, it’s better to recognize the general trend and help Shi Hu calm down the Shi Xuan chaos! "
"Father knows"
"Father, you didn’t accept the orders of the Yecheng court, did you?"
"Ha ha Shi Xuan is quite generous. It’s very tempting to woo me and seal me a Duke of Qinghe and give me the whole Qinghe County as a fief to my father, but it’s really ridiculous to hear athletes say that now."
"That’s good. Father should sternly refuse Shi Xuan’s order and write a letter accusing Shi Xuan of usurping the throne. He should draw a line!"
"Who among the generals in the towns of Spinnu responded to the call for thieves?" At this moment, Shi Hu is sitting on the platform and asking about Shimin.
Shi Min said, "Among the town generals, there are 21 people, including Pu Hong, Yao Yizhong, Wang Fudu, Liu Zheng, Liu Xian and Cao Fuju."
"Twenty-one princes?"
"Spiny slave, do you know that these people are not disobedient and don’t take refuge in the army?"
"This must be your majesty’s prestige. How can the princes be rebellious?"
"Ha ha when did you become so prick? It’s not like you, spiny slave. "
"Your Majesty, this man will change."
Shi Hu nodded and said, "If I tell you to be right, you will become ignorant. Can you always be loyal to me?"