Fortunately, Shi Min’s name is not bad, and he is the most "good" star among the generals who have always been addicted to killing Zhao. This time, Shi Min can make so many rebel soldiers surrender, and it has become an important reason that Shi Min won’t kill the koo indiscriminately except that the rebels are really on the right track.

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But with so many deaths, I’m afraid Shi Min can’t do it himself!
Shi Min looked at the bottom of the rebel soldiers’ way, "I’m Shi Min, the commander-in-chief of the armies outside Da Wang Qin’s seal of Fu! It’s been three days since the Yanjin War, so you must be worried about your own destiny, right? The reason why I can’t give you an answer is that I can make my own decisions! Is more than 200,000 soldiers killed or left? "
"Today I can tell you that your life and death are your own choices! I’ve pleaded with the king to save your lives! God gives birth to virtue. Who is not a mother and a father? Who doesn’t want to live well? But living and living must have capital! "
"I Shi Min ask yourself is righteousness to you! The eyes are on the famine year, and the grain is kept for you as a management? Stay or let go? I, Shi Min, have promised to keep you alive, but it was three months before we had to attack Yecheng to quell the Shi Xuan rebellion, or I, Shi Min, would be beheaded! "
"See these people?"
Shi Min pointed to kneeling in two rows, with about 500 people in messy armor and listless rebel generals.
"They are a surname level generals in the rebels! In this battle, our army can be lenient to the general disobedient soldiers! I know you are all forced men! Before that, you were either plowing farmers in the fields or shouting vendors in downtown areas, or fishermen and rangers. You were unwilling to disobey from the bottom of your heart. "
"The king is willing to spare you from death! At the same time, I hope that all those who disobey my management will be engaged in military law! "
Then Shi Min thugs lost an arrow with a wave of his hand.
"Snow! ….. "Kneeling in the high platform became two rows of rebel generals, and their heads were immediately cut off. Many people were cut down again because of the blunt knife, and they were like killing chickens. The bloody scene not only made people shudder, but also made people feel sick.
Seeing this scene, the pawn knelt down without trembling!
Then Shi Min made a definite plan for these more than 200,000 soldiers.
Those who were coerced or injured were left in Yanjin and strictly controlled according to the Baojia system.
Shi Min’s creation of Baojia system is unique.
The original Baojia system was that a number of families made up a number of titles, a number of titles and a number of titles, a guarantor, a guarantor, and a long-term ruler exercised layer-by-layer control over the people.
The essence of Baojia system is to turn the country into a big cage through the method of joint insurance. Joint insurance means that all the joint insurance companies guarantee each other and do not work together, that is, nine companies are guilty of "crime", if ten companies are not convicted of joint insurance.
Now, in order to effectively manage so many fallen soldiers without imprisoning them, Shi Min decided to make the Baojia system to manage them.
In other words, an individual, a unit, ten people, a supervisor, a supervisor, and a supervisor.
One person commits a crime (escapes), and nine people in the same company will be killed even if they don’t report it, and so will more than ten runners.
In addition to ending the war as soon as possible, Shi Min, the cannon fodder, also recruited people who were well-trained or experienced in stroke reduction to make them make meritorious deeds.
Chapter 13 Handan
The loyalist soldiers with high morale in Handan City are climbing the ladder and fighting for life and death.
Handan, a historic city, has ushered in a cruel war again!
The name "Handan" first appeared in the ancient bamboo annals.
As far as Shimin knows, the place name of Handan originated from Handan Mountain. In the east of Handan, there is a mountain called Hanshan Mountain, which is the end of the mountain range. Therefore, it was named Handan because the city wall was added to the city.
It is a special case of Chinese toponymic culture that Handan has not changed for three thousand years.
It is said that in ancient times, the ancestors of human beings, Nuwa, dug up soil to make people and refine stones to make up the sky in the Huangshan Mountain in ancient Handan. Many years ago, the ancestors of Cishan Mountain in the early Neolithic period multiplied and recuperated here, which ushered in a new era of agricultural literature.
Handan city originated in Shang and Yin Dynasties, and its capital was established in Xing and Xing Xingtai in the early Shang Dynasty, and then moved to Yin (now Anyang) for hundreds of years.
In the ancient Bamboo Chronicle, there is a record that Yin Zhou Wang built a "parting hall from the palace" in Handan at the end of Shang Dynasty, and a Handan name appeared in the period of Yin and Zhou Wang, confirming that the ancient city of Handan has been built for more than 31 years.
Handan was a famous city with well-known agriculture, handicraft industry and commercial development in the Western Zhou Dynasty, which belonged to the Jin Dynasty in the Spring and Autumn Period of Weiguo.
In the 12th year of Jin Dinggong, in the 5th year BC, Zhao Yang and Zhao Jian, the official minister of the State of Jin, had brought Handan into their sphere of influence. Since then, Handan has become the hereditary territory of Zhao. During the Warring States Period, Zhao Jinghou moved the capital of Zhao from Zhongmou to Hebi West, Henan Province in 36 BC, which lasted for 15 years.
In particular, King Wuling of Zhao, a British leader, pioneered the military reform of riding and shooting Hu, and Qiang Bing, a rich country, was among the top seven countries in the Warring States Period, making Zhao Guocheng one of the countries that could compete with Qiang Qin.
In 22 BC, in the 19th year of Qin Dynasty, Qin Jun broke Handan, and Zhao moved to Handan, which belonged to the State of Qin. In 26 BC, 221 BC, Qin destroyed Zhao, and the following year, Qin unified the six countries and divided the country into 36 counties. Handan is the capital of Handan County.
In the fourth year of Emperor Gaozu’s reign, in 23 BC, Zhang Er’s capital of Zhaowang was established, and Handan was still established.
In nine years, Liu Bang sealed his love for King Zhao and rebuilt the magnificent Wendian Temple in Handan Miyagi, which was built at this time until the late Western Han Dynasty. Handan City was known as the "rich sea and sky capital", and it was said that Luoyang, Linzi, Chengdu and Nanyang enjoyed the fame of the five major cities except Chang ‘an, the capital of the country. From the Warring States Period to the Eastern Han Dynasty, Handan flourished for five years.
At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the powerful and powerful left a separatist regime and scuffled, and the disaster of Handan’s martyrdom and soldiers went down. In the tenth year of Jian ‘an, Emperor Xian conferred the title of Cao Cao and Wei Guogong in 213 A.D., and built their capital in Yecheng. In the economic implementation, they settled the fields, settled the people, built water conservancy projects and built roads in Weidu.
Weidu’s law of building axis symmetry is well-known in the world, and it has built three stations, namely Tongque, Jinfeng and Bingjing. Wei Du Fu, written by Zuo Si Institute in the Western Jin Dynasty, describes the prosperous scene of Yecheng at this time.
The rise of Yecheng led to the political, economic, military and cultural center of the north of the Yellow River moving southward to Handan. At this time, the general county belongs to Wei County.
In 221 AD, in the early two years of Wei and Huang Dynasties in the Three Kingdoms, Handan belonged to the Eastern Jin Dynasty of Guangping County and later to Wei County.
Instead, Yecheng, the capital of Wei, flourished, and then the capitals of Hou Zhao, Ran Wei, Qian Yan, Eastern Wei and Northern Qi lasted for 364 years, which had a far-reaching impact on later generations.
The shouting and killing of Handan City was deafening.
Shi Min personally bid for the command of Zhao’s soldiers to impact Handan City with all their might.
"wooshing wooshing! ….. "After such a scuffle, whether the loyalist or the rebel archers are shooting their own arrows at the enemy.
"ah!" And watch a hapless loyalist soldier being shot blind, clutching his bleeding eyes, whining and running around like a fly.
There are several Zhao pawn jump to finally be a burst of disorderly arrows shot through the armor have spilled one enchanting blood flower after another fell in a pool of blood is dying.
The loyalist attacking the city side is more desperate, and the rebel casualties are naturally more.
The rebels held the city, and they beat back the loyalists from a commanding position with extremely lethal weapons, such as rolling stones, rolling wood, boiling water and arrows, and violently attacked again and again.
"ouch!" The loyalist soldiers who were climbing the ladder were splashed with water from the frying pan and immediately screamed miserably. Not to mention that the whole person rolled to the ground and even brought trouble to several comrades behind.
It is also terrible to be hit by a rolling stone or a rolling stone to the loyalist foot soldiers’ field. It is terrible to be hit by a heavy object and suddenly the head is broken like a broken kite.
Before the loyalist soldiers climbed up, some rebel soldiers stabbed them with spears, which killed many loyalist soldiers.
Very not easy to climb the Chengtou, but also surrounded by Chengtou rebel soldiers. The soldiers were stabbed with poor force or bad luck, and then they were stabbed into hedgehogs.
At the gate of the city, the loyalist soldiers pushed the blunt car and violently collided with the large and strong gate. The gate was almost crumbling, but there were still many rebel soldiers in the gate who stood in the way and resisted the impact of the blunt car.
Fighting this kind of tough battle consumes too much stone min, which is the last thing I want to fight. Nai rebels are afraid to go out of the city to fight.
After another day of fighting, the offensive and defensive war in Handan came to an end as the loyalist sounded the golden bell and retreated.
night falls
Shi Min gathered his confidant generals Wang Ping, Wen Tai, Li Xin, Chen Changsheng, E Lai and Hua Mulan to discuss major issues in Zhongjun’s tent.
It is worth one thing that Dong Kuang and Wei Zheng were left in the country to rectify the country. After all, Shi Hu didn’t trust Shi Min to leave his wife and children in the country with hundreds of thousands of troops. At the same time, some of his cronies had to be stationed in the country when it was unexpected!
Wang Ping first said, "The city of Handan, the viceroy, is really strong enough! Hundreds of thousands of our troops besieged the city for two days, but they couldn’t shake the city of Handan. I knew that when the army crossed Handan, it should have attacked the city first! "
At that time, Shi Min tasted Handan again.
However, at that time, Zhao was still escorting troops to escape from Xiang State, and there were pursuers behind him. Handan is an important military town in Hebei Province, and its geographical position is very dangerous. Taking Handan is to force Shi Xuan to jump over the wall and attack with superior forces. If there is an early decisive battle, will Shi Min have a chance to expand his army? Is there any chance to cultivate your own power?
Therefore, Shi Min waved and said, "It is obvious that Handan City is easy to defend but difficult to attack. As far as I know, the defenders of Handan are Liang Du and Ma Qiu, and we know each other for a long time. There are many possibilities that Shi Xuan himself is not sure to win the Yanjin War. He has already consolidated the Yugoslav capital fortifications and hoarded the grain in Handan."
"Now Shi Xuan has returned to Yecheng to continue to dispatch troops. If we can’t attack Handan as soon as possible and continue to speak southern dialect for three months, I’m afraid we can put down the rebellion by law."