Is this over? I’ve been playing for a day and attacking for seven times!

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Loyalist quickly attacked Chengtou with a forward momentum, and more and more loyalist soldiers fought for life and death. The rebel soldiers were still lucky, but when Zhu Bao rushed to the city gate angrily, the city gate had been rushed in, and loyalist soldiers were coming!
a routed army collapses like a landslide
The rebels suddenly scattered Zhu Bao saw the tide and quickly led a group of QinBing to deus ex, only to be hit head-on by Wen Tai and his military forces!
"Die!" Wen Tai knew Zhu Bao and saw this fellow trying to escape in a panic, so he stood up and stabbed him with a pike.
Zhu Bao hurriedly waved the ring knife to parry a few left splits and chopped "tinkling". After a burst of noise, Wen Tai caught a gap and waved a pike to fly Zhu Baohuan’s ring knife, then bullied himself and stabbed a hole in Zhu Baoxin’s mouth with a gun. Suddenly, blood flowed like a flood!
"Zhu Bao is dead!"
As Zhu Bao died, the rebel soldiers immediately fell to their knees and threw their weapons and surrendered to the loyalist.
Chapter 141 Offer to surrender
Shi Min, who is playing chess in Qin Mu, immediately nodded his head in high spirits after receiving the good news from Wuan. "Ha ha! I really didn’t see the wrong person! They attacked Wu’ an Li Xin for a day! "
Qin Mu said, "My Lord’s eye Wu ‘an has cut off the strategic goal of Handan-Yecheng Alliance. I wonder what your Lord is going to do next?"
Wen Yan Shi Min couldn’t help narrowing her eyes and said, "Conquering Handan is not the most important thing, but it’s just a stumbling block to our counter-insurgency road."
"Oh, so your master is going to give up attacking South Handan and attack Yecheng?"
"Yes," Shi Min nodded slightly. "It’s almost time for us to save our strength for the siege of Handan these days! At present, there are still 30-40 thousand troops in our army, and it is more than enough to surround a Handan city. Qin Mu, I’m going to start riding 200,000 south to attack Yecheng and try to pacify the stone rebellion with Yecheng as soon as possible! Do you think so? "
"It’s wonderful, but you may have to give him an account over there in Master Shi Hu."
"What do you mean?"
"Most of the defenders in Handan turned out that the guards in the Eastern Palace were elite divisions in the rebels, and they had a good fighting capacity. Your master might as well try to send messengers to persuade Liang Du and Ma Qiu to surrender without fighting."
"This ….. Liang Du and Ma Qiu are very cunning. They don’t want to see the rabbit and scatter the eagle. I don’t know what the conditions are to persuade them to surrender?"
Qin Mu said, "Master, things can be discussed slowly. Now that Shi Xuan’s tide is over, it is unrealistic for Liang Du and Ma Qiu to work hard for Shi Xuan again! As the saying goes, good people don’t kill Liang Du and Ma Qiu, both of whom know the time. If they have to wait until Yecheng breaks the sun and announces be beheaded, they are afraid that they will be guarding such an isolated city in Handan, which is meaningless and has no negotiating qualification. Now is the right time to persuade them to surrender! "
"What about Shi Hu?" Shi Min is still hesitant about this.
Qin Mu added, "Shi Hu’s master can understand that with Shi Xuan’s rebellion, the strength of the Central Army has been greatly weakened, but it is obvious that the local ministries have increased their Hu soldiers and horses! In fact, this rebellion is the beneficiary of Zhao’s consumption, and the biggest victims are Shi Hu, a warlord of all walks of life, and Zhao Chaoting. Shi Hu can’t be unaware of this. "
"Zhao lost his deer, but the situation has not deteriorated to that point! If Shi Hu doesn’t want to reproduce the situation of competing with each other in the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty, it is bound to accept the rebels in Handan. "
"I see."
Qin Mu said it makes sense.
Now the situation is like the end of the Han Dynasty and the end of the Tang Dynasty.
There is no way to go through this Shi Xuan rebellion. Zhao Guoqiang soldiers have been hit hard. These battlefield veterans such as Kui’ an and Zhu Bao have all fallen into the army that is loyal to Shi Hu and has strong fighting capacity.
The imperial army carried out a big exchange of blood, and the number of new recruits was far more than that of old soldiers. This is the way to capture the governors of all directions.
The foundation of Jie Zhao was not very deep after it was established for more than 20 years. The only way to ensure the prosperity of this country is that it is stronger than force.
And this force has declined. The princes such as Pu Hong, Yao Yizhong and Liu Xian all took the opportunity to recruit and expand their power. Shi Hu didn’t dare to turn a blind eye to this.
In the past, there were 700,000 imperial troops, and most of them were trained in Qiang Bing for the rest of their lives. But now, after such a turmoil, these troops have long been deformed recruits, accounting for two-thirds of the total.
After receiving Shi Min’s advice, Shi Hu immediately found Shen Bian and Shen * * * to discuss the matter.
If you can’t bear it, you will make great plans!
In the end, Shi Hu decided to adopt Shi Min’s advice and leave the surrender to Shi Min.
After attacking Wu ‘an, Shi Min crossed Wu ‘an and Zhanghe with his troops and surrounded Yecheng.
At the same time, Shi Min, who was granted by Shi Hu, sent a letter inviting Liang Du and Ma Qiu to meet in the city.
The loyalist is here, and the defenders of the deterrent city are in position.
The loyalist pendulum is a square matrix.
The phalanx is a formation adopted by the ancient army in wartime, which is to arrange the participating troops (cars, infantry, cavalry, etc.) according to the requirements of the war. Generally, according to the ancient army, the basic composition of the troops or teams includes the middle army, the left refusal (moment) and the right refusal (moment) to form a square or rectangle.
Depending on the scale of the war, the large square can reach 10 thousand people; According to different war situations, there are more or less points and combinations, and the rate of convergence and divergence is varied.