Covering the wooden curtain and the chariot, the Prius quickly reached the wall and climbed along the ladder!

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"Knocked! ….. "Shi Min changed the drum and the drummer personally sounded the drum again and again.
The dull and powerful sound of cowhide war drums instantly resound through that fields!
Those who know each other die!
In ChengTou fighting Wen Tai heard this drum was red eyes, "brothers! It’s the general who is beating drums and cheering for us! Raise an army for a thousand days! It’s time for you to serve the general! Kill with me! "
Wen Tai rate sharp and extremely severe, almost all of them can be one when ten malicious characters were cut down a few times and stabbed a few times, but they still waved their hands to cut down the enemy with a ring knife, and then they died unsatisfied in a pool of blood!
Looking at the elite Niu Xuan of Zhao who came straight to his side, he first froze for a while, then picked up his weapon, hexagrams, xuanhua axe and tiger roared, and he wanted to rush away, but he was stopped by two generals, Zhang Cong and Yang Kang.
"General, be calm!" Zhang Juan is also a valiant soldier.
"Look at me if I take its head!"
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Chapter 166 Death of a bosom friend
Chapter 167 A life for a life
The soldiers of Liangguo inherited the legacy of the ancient Han people without losing their elegance and integrity.
Zhang’s cool country and heart Jin room has gone through three generations and decades since Zhang’s track of Liangzhou secretariat. In addition to crossing the south, many Han people who fled the Central Plains are the most ideal place to go.
Since ancient times, the folk customs in the cool land have been fierce, and the Hu people have lived together. There are Han people, Xianbei people, Miao people, Lushuihu people, Gaochang people, Qiuci people and other people with different colors and cultures. All kinds of cool people get together, but the Han people advocate China.
Don’t say that it was this time that Zhao attacked Jincheng County on a large scale, making Che Ji refuse to surrender and commit suicide. Song Moment, a captain of Wan Shu, killed his wife and children first and then committed suicide.
These things alone are enough to say that Chinese integrity is still there!
And Zhang Juan is also a complicated person.
Zhang Cong, a captain of Ningrong, obeyed Zhang Yong’s words and stuck to the city.
Ma Qiu led ten thousand soldiers to surround the moat, and all the roads in the ladder tunnel went into the city. The soldiers stubbornly resisted Ma Qiu’s soldiers and killed tens of thousands of people.
Shi Jian also sent generals Liu Hun and others to lead 20,000 infantry and cavalry to meet in Maqiu. Lang Tan hated Zhang Jian for not adopting his own opinions and let sergeant Li Jia quietly lead more than 1,000 Zhao troops to climb the wall. Zhang Cong urged all the generals to fight hard and killed more than 200 Zhao troops before retreating.
Zhang Juan also burned Zhao’s offensive equipment, and Ma Qiu retreated to the summer.
It is no problem to say that Zhang Juan is not only a brave general but also a strategist.
Unlike Niu Xuan, Niu Xuan is not a brave and reckless man, but he likes to talk violently and belongs to the kind of guy who can start work and try not to push him! It happened that this fellow was also killed by Zhang Jun Quliu.
In order to avoid taking risks, Zhang Zeng crustily skin of head and led his Qinbing to meet Zhao Junrui.
"Come on!"
Wen Tai doesn’t want to continue fighting. His purpose is to cut the flag and kill Niu Xuan, but at least he will also hit the defenders of Chengtou and let more Zhao soldiers climb Chengtou when they delay!
It’s like a balance, Zhao Jun is light and cool, but the military is heavy. Once there are many Zhao Jun soldiers in the balance, the balance of victory will tilt to Zhao Jun’s side!
Wen Tai came up with a ring-edged sword, but each soldier’s army has a ring-edged sword. Although the offensive and defensive way is one inch long and one inch strong, the ring-edged sword melee weapon can make the combat sharp soldier hold the mortal heart and hold the scruples to kill less, and pull a mat before he dies!
Life for life!
And Zhang Juan is a sword. He was born in Han Chinese and was a cool king. Zhang Jun’s cousin studied Confucianism since childhood, but Jun Liuyi never forgot that Zhang Juan’s martial arts are not inferior to the second-rate warriors in the world except Wen Tao’s martial arts!
Er, well, Zhang Juan is indeed a second-rate warrior, but he can fight dozens of sergeants and hundreds of enemies by himself, and not everyone can have the fighting capacity.
A bright spark flashed after the collision between the sword and the sword.
It’s too late to say it.
Zhang Juan quickly shook his wrist and played a few swords. Holding a sword in his hand is like Youlong’s general point, pulling, stabbing, crossing, sweeping, chopping and chopping. It is very fast and sharp, full of pitfalls. If Wen Tai’s reaction speed is not fast enough, it may have been blocked by a sword.
Wen Tai’s martial arts value is naturally very strong since childhood.
The difference between Zhang Juan and Zhang Juan is that Zhang Juan learned martial arts first and then learned martial arts, while Wen Tai learned martial arts first and then learned martial arts. Although both of them are civil and military, Wen Tai is better in martial arts!
After more than 30 rounds of war, Zhang Juan’s disadvantage was highlighted.
Nearby, Zhao’s elite and Zhang Juan’s Qinbing are fighting to make room for the two generals to duel, and they are all guarding against each other’s intervention.
Wen Tai’s force value is close to the ranks of contemporary first-class military commanders. If Zhang Cong’s force value is 7, then Wen Tai’s force value is 10!
Wen Tai saw a gap and sold a flaw. When Zhang Juan stabbed again, he waved the ring knife and hit Zhang Juan shuriken and shouted, "Take it!"
Wen Tai’s ring sword has been put on Zhang Juan’s neck, and Zhang Juan has been kicked to the ground and can’t move easily.
Soon, two Zhao pawns came running and grabbed Zhang Juan one by one.
Seeing that Zhang Juan was defeated, his soldiers were at a loss for a while, and soon the wind fell and the soldiers of the nearby cool army were scared.
Niu Xuanxuan’s weapon in his hand wants to go to war, but Wen Tai has caught a gap during the chaos of Chengtou’s cool army. With hundreds of Zhao Ruishi left, he marched straight into the city and directly rushed to the cool army to fight in the aisle.
Shi Min couldn’t help but be overjoyed when he saw that his own soldiers were constantly climbing the city head and fighting their way out. He pulled out his sword and shouted, "The army is attacking!"
"Knocked! ….. "The violent and chaotic drums rang again.
Niu Xuan killed several Zhao pawns who were in the way, but it didn’t help.
More and more Zhao soldiers rushed to the city head, and finally the two armies fought hand to hand. Zhao quickly rushed to the city gate, killed the enemy there, and then hit the city gate to welcome the Zhao soldiers outside the city.
NiuXuan fighting height was stopped by don’t Yang Kang.
"general! This is not good! The city gate has been broken and Zhao Jun has entered the city! "
"What? !”
Until then, Niu Xuan didn’t react, but tens of millions of Zhao troops rushed into Quliucheng and rushed through the streets. Some rushed to the government, while others rushed at the defenders!
"General, the tide is gone. Let’s get out of here!"