The scales of these horses were changed temporarily.

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Looking at the impact of this huge steel flow, this visual impact is really numb!
Of course, Li Xin, in view of his Serenade’s volleying and delaying, waved a gun and didn’t advance directly. The cool army team was waiting for the cold army to enter the ambush circle in the forest by the river, and it was far from a random arrow.
"Snow! ……”
The arrow penetrated the armor and embedded itself in the meat.
Many cool soldiers were shot before they could react. When they were shot by arrows, a enchanting snowflake bloomed in their chests, and then they suddenly fell to the snow, their limbs twitched and died.
Screams broke out, and suddenly they were ambushed. The cool army was in a mess, and then they quickly formed a knot in their respective captains.
Fortunately, the Zhao fighters across the street waved flags and shouted that there was no attack.
For this sudden appearance, Zhao’s fighters and cool troops, after stabilizing their position, sent a cavalry to pursue Li Signaling’s flag, and Zhao’s fighters fought and retreated while shooting arrows.
Next to Yang Kang, Niu Xuan debuted. "It seems that this should be the vanguard of the Zhao army, and its strength is not much."
"They are here to die."
Yang Kang waved his hand and said, "How dare only a thousand fighters Zhao attack our army?"
"What does the general mean?"
"Stop chasing! This must be the vanguard of the Zhao army. It is to harass our military order to advance step by step after the former army changes! "
It wasn’t long before the cool army marched to a place called Fuyunling.
"The cool army is coming!"
Looking around, I saw that many Zhao pawns had lost their horses, and I didn’t know where to find branches, straws, straws and other sundries, and made one simple scarecrow after another, and it was put into a phalanx with thousands of people.
This time, Zhao Jun brought a lot of flags and hung them casually.
This is what Yang Kang saw when he led his army to Fuyunling.
The cold wind roared in the north, and the land on all sides was covered with white snow. Looking from a distance, you can see the Zhao army in the only spacious avenue in Fuyunling!
Yang Kang very puzzled tunnel "there will be so many zhao here? No news in advance? "
No one present can answer him this question.
Li Xin once again rode out of his own phalanx and came to the ranks of the two armies to call the battle.
"West cool rats! I’m your grandpa Li Xin! Dare to come out and fight me? !”
Li Xin was so arrogant that the soldiers across the cool army immediately became angry.
NiuXuan is a grumpy and self-reliant brave, so he shouted "Wow!" without Yang Kang’s approval. Children, take it easy! Your grandfather is coming! "
"NiuXuan! Come back! " See NiuXuan Yang Kang has been flying out can not help but burst of anger!
The battle before the battle will be defeated except for inspiring the morale of a soldier. If it is defeated, it will not only damage one of our own soldiers, but also be a big blow to this morale!
Now the enemy doesn’t attack rashly. What if he gets caught?
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Chapter 176 Hezhou
Chapter 177 The soldier is very expensive.
Niu Xuan is a hexagram axe weighing 200 Jin, but Niu Xuan is able to sweep it freely and effortlessly, which shows his strength.
Li Xin’s weapon is inferior, just an ordinary pike.
Two people in the fight will be one or two army drums resounded through the sky.
"Man! Take your life! "
Li Xin’s feint shot was blocked by Niu Xuan, and then it was a burst of fireworks, sweeping, pointing and chopping. All kinds of movements were displayed sharply, which made people dazzled.
Li Xin’s marksmanship is very good. When dancing, the cold stars can’t enter the enemy and the arrows can’t destroy them.
Niu Xuan’s hand holding the hexagram Xuan Hua axe blocked the movement, so he was a little slow and fell off the wind for a while.
Li Xin binge drank one by one and pulled up the reins to make the horse jump up, then waved the pike across a Changhong flint and split it directly into Niu Xuan’s head!