The Lord was captured and there was a lieutenant in the cool army, so the cool army quickly withdrew the closed door of Cangsongcheng. Shi Min did not immediately attack, but the thugs sounded a golden bell to retreat.

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Suochao was immediately tied to the big account of Zhao Zhongjun.
"Let me go! Let me go! " Suo Chao is still struggling. The two foot soldiers who are pressing him still want to force him to kneel, but they are just like dragging a cow.
Shi Min waved a sign for two Zhao pawn to retreat.
"Suo Chao, are you angry?"
"Grandpa, no!"
On the side of Shi Min Qin Mu smell speech can’t help but smile, "do you have? Our general has defeated you in the war. "
SuoChao or head high hum a "personal brave? Shi Min, if you have the guts, put grandpa back. I have a tactic. If you break it, I will be heartbroken! "
On one side Wen Tai laughed at a "SuoChao you are wishful thinking! Is there any truth in this world? General, in my opinion, it is better to detain Suo Chao first and then deal with it after the war! "
Hearing this, Suo Chao held his head high and said, "If you want to kill me, Suo Chao is at your disposal! If you always frown, you are not a parent! "
Shi Min cherished his talent and stood up.
"Suo Chao, you said that the tactics are tactics?"
"Can you tell me! Shi Min, if you are willing to let me go back, I will see for myself! "
Shi Minyun’s tunnel is light and windy. "It’s not difficult for you to respect that you are a hero, but you will love you before you want to be yourself. This will let you go back. But if you are proud of your tactics in World War I, if you lose, will Cang Songcheng surrender to me together?"
"Hum, I rely on this tactic. If it is broken by you, Cang Songcheng will be in a precarious state, and I will feel anxious."
"good! Happy! "
Shi Min left the handsome position and went to Suochao. "Let’s clap our hands and swear!"
"Pa" a Shi Min SuoChao high-five oath then Shi Min ordered SuoChao untied and respectfully sent him out of the camp.
For Shi Minhang people are very puzzled.
Shi Jian debuted, "General, do you want to release the tiger to the mountain?"
"Tiger? Mountain? No, Suochao may be a tiger, but Cangsongcheng is not a mountain general. Although it is a physiognomy, it can be seen that Suochao is not the kind of gossip who can enjoy Cangsongcheng in the shortest time and at the least cost? "
Shi Min’s talent is precious. Suo Chao’s brave strategy is extraordinary. He is a general who can be independent. If Shi Min doesn’t want to accept himself?
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Chapter 12 Cherish talent
Chapter 13 Real serial horse
The next day, Zhao besieged the city and Suochao went out of the city to fight with his military forces.
In front of Zhao, there is an unprecedented formation. When Shi Min saw the cool army, there were about 3,000 riders. These 3,000 military horses were lined up with iron rings for every 30 horses.
These three thousand fighters can be said to be armed to the tooth heavy cavalry.
This horse with vest is wearing iron armor and harness, and its hooves are hanging on the ground; People wear armor and show a pair of eyes. Although there is a armor and a red tassel mask, the bronze bell and pheasant tail look majestic.
Such as broken?
Suo Chao immediately drove his horse out of his own phalanx and shouted, "Can Shi Minru know this tactic?"
"This is a serial horse!"
Smell SuoChao couldn’t help heart quiver even know this serial horse fighting Shi Min? You’re not bragging, are you
"Hum! What do you know? You can’t break it! Shi Min, I’ll take care of it today so that your army can go back and forth! "
"What a big breath! Let’s get to the bottom of it! Drive "
Shimin Suochao each array
"Qin Mu, can you make Suo Chao put this array?"
Smell speech Qin Mu narrowed his eyes and secretly thought about lining one and said, "I have never seen it before, but the master doesn’t break the array this day. This law is sparse. However, thousands of cool troops ride thirty war horses, and I’m afraid it’s very powerful, but it needs absolute cooperation. If one or one of the thirty war horses is injured or killed, all the soldiers on the same line will suffer."
If you want to shoot down one other horse, it will be affected!
Shi Min nodded slightly. "This will be seen, but the three thousand riders of Liangjun are wearing armored horses and armour to break one of them. One of them is afraid that it is extremely difficult to be armored and strong. It is impossible to break without a bed crossbow and a hard bow!"
"No, master, I think there is a flaw in this serial horse heavy cavalry."
"Is it a flaw?"
"Horse leg"
After Qin Mu ordered Shimin, I remembered it.
In "Water Margin", Huyanzhuo’s armored serial horse attacked the water margin. The armored serial horse was really powerful, but it was finally broken by Xu Ning’s hook and sickle gun!
The hook and sickle gun has a barb on the front edge of the spear head. The pike is seven feet two inches long to resist the cavalry conflict, in which the spear position is sharp and its part has a laterally protruding barb hook tip.
The gun shaft is six feet long, four inches thick and round. Is there iron at the end of the rod made of wood? ? The head of a four-inch crochet spear stabbed the main body to kill the enemy just like an ordinary pike, but the handle was used to measure the barb to cut and kill the enemy, and the hook could pull the enemy down to the ground. Although the hook played an auxiliary role in killing the enemy, it also prevented the spear tip from penetrating too deep.
Hook and sickle gun is a weapon of infantry fighting station, but it has a miraculous effect on cavalry.
Hook-and-sickle gun, also known as "hemp knife", is to bind sickle and hemp rope to a pike for infantry fighting. It is a weapon in ancient chariot tactics, and its shape is that there is a barbed pike at the tip of the spear, which is specially used to deal with enemy cavalry.