Moreover, 101,000 troops have a special war, and they are combined with each other as a whole. Even if millions of series of insect tide troops are often washed and directly dispersed, the loss is very small!

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"Command to mobilize fifty million Wolf spider troops from Hill Department to zy54 type point, seventy million crystal war bear troops from Goi Department to u455 type point, thirty-six thousand red petal tooth head troops and ten million hg544 type points …"
One by one, the command word appears in the mouth of the king of God, and it is always tens of millions of series troops. Since the strategic deployment is not an opponent, the sea tactics will directly drown each other!
I have to say that the two camps have made several preparations for this war. Although the pinnacle is not as professional as the noble king directly issuing a set of war command system, it is not underestimated. Even this more accurate strategic map is extremely complete and specially created a point to assist the war.
Soon there will be a corresponding god king leaving to execute the order.
As time goes by, with the progress of the war, the whole Nora is caught in the war, and the sky, the earth and the sea are their battlefields!
Troops are shuttling through the whole world. There are too many troops invested by both sides. Every moment, millions of family planning spirits fall in a pool of blood. Only one side can completely end the war!
Both sides have their own advantages. Although there are many people at the peak, the cannon fodder troops are almost exhausted, and several new members are born every moment, but the noble king has not fallen into the wind. However, in this era, the sage era and the birth of science and technology have had a more terrible chemical effect!
In the number of wisdom as deep as the sea, the knowledgeable sages guide all kinds of war science and technology, and combine the knowledge of writing with practice to create all kinds of terrible war black technology. The annihilation gun and the mecha puppet are just two of them, and the war fortress as big as a city shows the sages vividly!
Coupled with the advantages of war command system and sage strategy, the peak of the throne is very faint in the wind
Like the myth, the sages who are seeking the truth of the world stood in several war fortresses and launched a decisive charge towards the gods in the clouds, falling into them like meteors …
There are gods falling and war fortresses collapsing.
In their respective command headquarters behind the battlefields of the two armies,
Zhen Yong, Bai Liu, Gao Feng, Ting Yu, Guang Chang, such as Ender, Fu Yunshan, Slavic, etc., have stood at the peak of the great sages and almost touched the edge of the sages. All the great powers are sitting quietly in the hall, commanding their own army far away, and it is not yet time for them to make moves.
And the same burning beard, dark night, Huang Hua and other peaks or near the peak, the God King also tacitly stayed behind the palace.
As the days passed, the fighting between the two sides continued, and then …
One year, two years, three years …
Mortals wail and gods fall.
Red blood, golden blood, mixed and flowing, dyed the earth red and polluted the sky.
The list of deities on the Norram River shines quietly with divine brilliance. Only when the increasingly powerful force to suppress order gradually enriches the name of God can we find the difference … to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and sixty Everything eats.
War is terrible!
Nowhere in Nora is peace at the moment.
By this time, the horrible beast sea tactics of the Peak Shrine really made many sages feel numb.
Thirteen years have passed since the war, and Nora is like a meat grinder, swallowing a lot of flesh and blood.
Sages are ashamed of this era. Once the protagonist is completely in the arms of war, his generate’s potential is enough to make people fear. All kinds of power are getting more and more terrible, and war killings are extremely pushed out of the table.
The most annihilating guns and mecha puppets are just the most cost-effective conventional weapons. In these years’ wars, the sages not only introduced the annihilating guns and the upgrade of mecha puppets-the final annihilating guns, all kinds of mechs such as siege colossus fighters, Thunderbird machine armor in the middle war and so on, but these are just …
With this array, even in the face of the peak of the gods, many strong people are not afraid of the noble king of beast sea tactics!
The war is still going on. With the passage of time, many sages have slowly designed corresponding restraint weapons against the weaknesses of various insects and beasts, which can make many great doubts. It is estimated that the noble king camp should gradually take advantage with the development of these weapons, but it has not achieved corresponding results. The tenacity of opponents is amazing
With the successive wars, the number of people who died, especially the sages, slowly rose, and many sages finally couldn’t sit still!
The war lasted for thirteen years in a row, and the number of sages who died in the noble king camp has already exceeded thousands!
But what about the pinnacle?
Their death is just some high-level cannon fodder such as the king of wisdom and low insects, the king of monster beast, the king of Warcraft and so on.
But a thousand sages is no small thing for the noble king. You know, the number of sages in Noel Lala has not exceeded twenty thousand!
Now, the loss of 1,000 yuan is already a bone-breaking thing for the noble king, which is almost equivalent to the output of sages in the world of Nola for 500 years, which almost makes the sages such as Zhen Yong and Bai Liu feel even more sad-you know, every sage is a precious treasure of Nola!
Therefore, recognizing that something was wrong, many great powers sought to thoroughly solve the source of each other’s violent soldiers and conducted investigations. Among them, two cores, the priest’s text and the so-called wisdom symbol, Milla Eye and Milla Saint, also found out a trace of thoughts …
The walls of a hidden cave are engraved with mysterious lines, which are faintly connected to form a hidden circle.
"Milla Hall and Mire Hall, do we really want to go deep into the enemy’s den to explore the animal’s nest?"
An old priest in the cave looked solemn and bowed down to the two men in the middle of the cave and asked, "You know, once we fail, our priest is likely to break off!"