In this Taoist seal, it seems to be condensed by trillions of times, and the universe is condensed by trillions of small spots, which are constantly changing around the central ball.

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These light spots are constantly following some inexplicable trajectory, and they seem to have produced some kind of unique charm. Yuan Heng’s eyes are shining, and he is constantly realizing and modifying the appearance of the universe that is getting closer and closer to this side …
"Then, it is also possible that each side’s subsidiary heaven and earth can be used as a road seal, and this bridge bond will create a potential to connect the whole mother road seal to form a mother connection."
"If the Terrain develops in this way, the main heaven and earth and the subsidiary heaven and earth form yin and yang …"
When Yuan Hengzheng wants to continue to deduce and add a series of Daoyin rules to evolve according to his mind, at this time …
Cut … Cha … Cut …
Abrupt in Yuan Heng’s ugly face, the road marks in the palm of his hand suddenly produce a slight crack, and then …
The whole Daoyin collapsed into nothing!
Yuan heng was quite secure at this time, looking at the virtual glory slowly in the palm and deeply frowned. "How did this happen? Completely into a virtual eternal condition after weili should be enough to support it … "
As the name implies, once you achieve something, you can be as empty as eternity …
Limit the size!
Mind, will, wisdom and Taoism, the four roots of Yuan Heng, have reached a limit, and they are not one step away from the immortal transcendence in Yuan Heng’s ideal.
If Yuanheng can break this concept of limitation, limitation and transcendence, he can enter a new world!
Therefore, in theory, Daoyin should be able to bear it if it is not evolved from detachment and constant limit …
Even if it is a whole universe, all the evolution of heaven and earth is the same!
"the amount? This is … "
Yuan Heng was surprised and stared at a faint and almost unheard-of green gas that slowly dissipated into the virtual "gas" after the collapse of Daoyin. ! !”
As soon as the leaders of the Xuanmen capital became angry, Hong Jun became angry.
One of them refers to pick!
At that time, the concept of the universe was actually created by Hongjun Daozu. There are many meanings that are hard to describe, mysterious and indescribable, but you can also understand the meaning of everything everywhere, everything, everything and everything.
Now, in Yuanheng, a series of rules such as Vientiane, Time, etc. were born at this moment!
However, it is obvious that Yuanheng, although the realm is lofty and unpredictable, is still somewhat shallow in terms of printing, and he can’t bear the complete concept of picking up …
You know, when you created the limited wheel, didn’t you swallow a lot of various avenue sources, and then the basic limit evolved to get quantitative opportunities, then this was the later wheel of God?
You know, Yuan Heng’s wheel road is a great success in the idea, but it can evolve into an eternal world in the future, and the eternal road is not inferior to the eternal road.
Compared with the foundation of India Road, it is much shallower. Nowadays, even the concept of pick can’t be accepted. This is the foundation. If it is not as big as God Road, I am afraid I will have to go through years of hard work!
"So that’s it ….."
Seeing that Yuan Heng was born in one breath, everything has already gone. "Then maybe so …"
Limited wisdom instantly sorted out all its resources, and an idea was put out in an instant, and an best laid plans was directly formed after being reorganized millions of times.
"Maybe so …"
Yuan Heng looked at the exquisite statue of Noella Mother River, which was almost forgotten. When looking at its surface, a roar sounded from time to time, think again about the strange situation when Noella was born. The corners of her mouth could not help but give me a strange smile.
"I don’t want to provoke you, but …"
At this moment, a cold cold light swept past Yuan Heng’s eyes. "Everything is immortal!"
"Hey? How dare! "
At this time, the cold cold light in Yuan Heng’s eyes jumped out and drew a hard-to-shape bright divine light, a dark and broken one!
Looking into the world, the root reaches the black gold finger on the top of his brother Ender’s forehead … to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-six He who knows can fear.
Many great people in the wild world know one thing: Yuan Heng, the first ancestor of the glorious Lord of the wild world, had a hobby that lasted for years-teaching his younger brother and teaching all beings.
What’s more, Yuan Heng’s first avatar appeared because of his hobby. It was not a refiner, an alchemist, playing the piano and so on, but a famous preacher. It is conceivable to what extent Yuan Heng’s hobby was for cultivating his younger brother.
Even at the beginning, I took an opportunity to directly sprinkle a few eternal Daoyin, Guangdaotong and Jingyi in the vast wilderness …
If his brother is really weak, he will die directly in a big disaster or die in a normal disaster. Yuan Heng won’t say anything, but …
"Fear of the Lord God …? ! !”
So big bullying and still careless bullying your brother at the bottom of your eyelids!