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Can make you afraid?
"Hey … this stage is not without you!"
The cold light in the eyes instantly penetrates along the black gold finger, which is empty in Ender?
If you can’t bear a blow, you will live up to Yuan Heng’s personal teaching, and hundreds of people will die …
Although the Lord God has detached himself from the shackles of fate to a certain extent, he can’t compare with the god of the universe. It’s not the end of the calculation, but it can’t be worse. Isn’t there a finger medium now?
Go through!
Nothing can stop it.
God’s eyes see through thousands of barriers and follow the black and gold fingers …
In Yuan Heng’s eyes, he is afraid of the Lord God’s glory like a lighthouse in the dark, and he can’t hide the slightest.
"What person?"
At this time, it’s like concentrating all the negative emotions of all the creatures in the whole world, such as fear and everything, and the only thing that forms a terrible torrent is to follow Yuan Heng’s eyes and follow some kind of invisible guidance.
"God, please protect us and let this damn natural disaster recede quickly …"
Creatures are afraid of natural disasters.
"No, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die …"
Mortals are afraid of death.
And fear of the unknown …
Fear of the future …
Fear of the strong …
….. Fear of the gods!
This trillion-trillion-trillion-trillion-trillion-trillion-trillion-trillion-trillion-trillion-trillion-dollar longing fears the ancestors, and the fear of power accumulated over the years is so terrible that it rushes to Yuanheng along some mysterious connection.
The accumulation of this torrent is so terrible that it gushes like a torrent, forming a unique and terrible fear that the Lord God has turned into a terrible sword …
Behind the torrent is a pair of eyes with the same perspective of heaven and earth, ferocious and powerful to control all fears!
Although this force is huge, it has almost undergone a qualitative change, which can be called the fear of the original force gathered by Norrapabi since its establishment. It is very powerful and has terrible lethality for the deity Luo, but it will be a big blow to Yuan Heng, a great power that transcends almost all the greatness.
Just a cold hum will solidify this torrent.
Do not move!
I’m afraid Nora will be in big trouble once such a huge fear is completely out of control.
Therefore, after Yuan Heng will imprison, he will cast his eyes again.
"Not good!"
Sitting in a vast sea, I was shocked when my eyes shrank. "How can it be so powerful?"
No one can be more white than him. The fear of the ocean has accumulated over the years. It was already terrible before he was born. When he was able to hold the position of the three major gods, the fear of the ocean occupied a large part of the credit!
And that’s why he has no scruples about making moves and doesn’t care about the attitude of the kings, but now …
That terrible look is just a look …
Everything in the past is frozen and immobile!
A shadow of death rose in his heart, and he felt that once he really broke the fear of the ocean, he would fall …
"Get out of here!"
Fear of the Lord God’s roar and his heart trembled wildly, which made him dare not delay the body test. When he made a move, he refused to "fear the sky … fear the ground!"
In an instant, the divine nature was afraid of the burning of the ocean source, and the Lord God finally used his ultimate killer to fight hard!
This is a fear of all beings for heaven and earth-natural disasters!
Fear of volcanic eruption
Fear of earth earthquake
Fear of outrageous tsunami
Fear of the frozen world
….. Fear of the meteorite falling from heaven and tearing the sky to destroy the world!
At the end of time, poor creatures
Important creatures are still afraid of natural disasters, so their lives can be limited by more than this feat!
Only those who know can be afraid!
Only in this way can we not be afraid of the strength borrowed by the Lord God. Unfortunately, how many such people can there be when Nora is poor?
Otherwise, all living things are afraid of the source of God’s power. If you can control it, you can be crazy and continue to explode …
"Really surprised just absolutely brilliant ….."
Yuan Heng faintly looked at this scene, and there was a trace of regret in his eyes. It was a pity that he could send the simple and fearful road to this hierarchy. It is a shame that where the race is placed, it is a Uber genius. "Unfortunately …"
"Ha ha ha ….. natural disasters are not the main cause of destruction, but fear is the source of everything …"
Fear of the Lord God in madness is surprisingly quiet, like singing a poem. Confucian scholars sing the beauty of the world as if they were full of admiration for life.
However, the fear of the will has produced great communication after the burning of divinity, and all the fears have been used to control the flag!
Fear of the Lord’s Road has been discovered by him to a very high level and even reversed the control of the natural disaster handle!
"Hey? There are really so two … "